UC Discussion Forum?

Any room for a UC discussion forum?

I’ve been thinking recently about the disparate discussion areas available for us techs in the UC design & delivery arena - they’re a bit all over the place aren’t they? Some of them so big you can’t begin to be heard, and some so small that you never got your answers anyway.

The other thing that I thought about was the fact that most UC forums are consumer focussed, rather than having any thought for us techs that are out there delivering.

On that from then, I thought that maybe opening up a space for us to talk about things, technology, and how we do what we do, could be vaguely useful?

Such areas pop up all the time - some are successful, some are not. The successful ones are all about content aren’t they - so in effect, you get out of a setup as much as you put in?

I’ve gone to the effort to setup such a discussion area. Feel free to drop by and say hi. It’s our community that makes our work so interesting - after all, what do we do? Enable people to communicate more effectively.

I for one am interested in what my colleagues are up to.

Come say hi - you never know, it could prove useful!

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