VMWare Fusion 11.0 - It's a mess

VMWare have updated their MacOS Virtualisation Platform - what's it like?

The arms race between
Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion has continued with the recent release of Parallels Desktop 14.0 and even more recently VMWare Fusion 11.0. I use both products - typically VMWare for my server stuff, and Parallels for desktop type setup (Think Office/Outlook/Windows 10).

I've upgraded my Fusion to version 11 - and oh my am I regretting it. There's tons of problems with it:

  • Wow it's slow compared to Parallels
  • I can't run ANY virtual machines if I've previously run Parallels or VirtualBox
  • The network performance is all over the place.
  • Did I mention how slow it was? Startup/shutdown & Snapshotting.

I've tried this on multiple machines, and all with similar results. The most irritating one is that if I try and use VMWare Fusion after having either Parallels or VirtualBox running, I get an error saying 'Too many virtual machines running'. The only way I seem to get around it is by rebooting and not using Parallels or VirtualBox at all. It's infuriating.

I'm sure VMWare will iron out the issues, but for now it's going in the bin and I'm going to ask for my money back.

Video below shows the general performance and issues in more detail.

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