SfB - Cannot Remove Delegate

Skype for Business - Cannot Remove Delegate

Here's a quick and vaguely interesting one for you. I was recently trying to bulk update some delegates in Skype for Business Server using
SefaUtil. As part of that process, I had to remove existing delegates. I was using a command like this:

Sefautil David.Hasselhoff@KnightIndustries.com /server:FrontEnd.Consoto.local /removedelegate:Pamela.Anderson@KnightIndustries.com

Now, whatever I did, could I get Pamela to go? No, no I couldn't. After scratching my head a few times I tried to find Pamela in Skype for Business - and bingo, I spotted that Pamela no longer existed. She'd been terminated. There's an easy way to fix this, fortunately. To do it you will need a test user in Skype for Business - so either use an existing test user (you have one, right?), or setup a new AD Account and use that.

What you need to do is set that test user's SIP address to the same as what the person you're trying to remove
was - so in this instance, Pamela.Anderson@KnightIndustries.com. Set that, and wait a while for everything to update, and then re-run the sefautil command as above. You'll find Pamela has now been removed.

You can then go through and remove the Pamela Anderson SIP Address from wherever you put it.

Simple way to fix something I thought I'd have to be diving in to SQL to resolve. Sometimes, lateral thinking things through to a simple conclusion is far easier.

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