Add SQL Reporting Services to an SQL Cluster

How to add reporting services to an existing SQL Cluster.

Installing SQL Reporting Services to an existing SQL failover cluster is a pain. If you try and just add the function you get this error:

Existing clustered or cluster-prepared instance

…and you can’t continue with the installation.

There is however a way around the issue. Use this command to start the installation from an elevated command prompt.

Setup.exe /SkipRules=StandaloneInstall_HasClusteredOrPreparedInstanceCheck /Action=Install

Essentially you’re skilling the rule check as part of the installation. You’ll now be able to go through and install reporting services. Make sure you do the same on the other cluster node of course.

When done you will need to go into ‘Reporting Services Configuration Manager’ and configure it to connect to the cluster name not the local SQL instance for the database. If you don’t, then it won’t work in a failover of course.

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