Software/Music/Movie Piracy

Am I the only one who thinks piracy is a bad thing….?

Am I alone thinking that online piracy overall is a bad thing? Whether it's music, movies etc. I'm not talking about downloading the odd movie or album to see if you like it - hell I do that - but I mean the whole hearted complete commitment to *only* buying something if you absolutely cannot find something to steal on line?

It's a very short sighted view stealing stuff, and will not only put people out of work but will also make the very thing that you enjoy so much even rarer. The opposing view to this of course is that the music/media & video companies still seem to be caning it in at the minute regardless of piracy - their attitude of a single pirated track equating to lost revenue doesn’t add up does it.

I'm not saying that copyright laws are right as they are, I'm complaining about the idea that cos you can download something you're not stealing. In my mind it's no different to stealing a DVD/CDs etc. from HMV.

I often download things I'm unsure of (music, DVDs, software) but if I find myself liking and actively listening/watching/using (I.e. keeping for use) then I'll buy. Because I think that's right.

Software is the funny one too. People wonder why when they download hooky s/w off piratebay or the like as to why their PCs slowly fall apart. They don't stop to wonder about what the originating person's motives were for pirating the stuff in the first place. Altruism? Doubtful.

Ho hum, people are naturally greedy I think (I'm no different really) and the fact that you can download something that's not a tangible product seems to justify in people's minds that stealing is OK.

I find that odd.

I see that
Lily Allen (Or Lily Cooper as she’s known now) has come out slating the idea of file sharing and also saying that some of the rich artists don’t really care about file sharing because they’re already rich.

What I find particularly interesting about Lily’s outburst is that I thought a lot of her career was built on the Internet - I mean she became famous through her
MySpace page (although some would argue her Dad Keith Allen would have had some influence here too). I guess I think some of her comments are a little hypocritical at best.

Originally, Lily started up a blog called ‘It’s not alright’ - a play on her ‘Alright, Still’ album title I think. She’s now removed it having chosen to back out of the spotlight on the subject.

It seems I’m not the only one to think our Lily is being a little hypocritical. I found this quite creative response on YouTube:

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