Apple Macbook Pro won't turn on

How do you reset an apparently dead MacBook? May work on others.

Well, I have to admit this one is a new one on me…But hey, I'm open to ideas.

My daughter's 2016 MacBook recently just refused to turn on. Completely dead. Nothing. Not a sausage. I thought it was an ex-macbook. I tried the normal stuff like a PRAM/SMC reset etc. but no, it wasn't having it.

Fortunately for her, I had another unit I could give her. Today however, I stumbled across a weird key combination I'd not heard of.

Power + trackpad + space bar.

No. Me neither. So, I thought nothing to lose…held them down for 10-15 seconds and wowa the units springs into life.

What the actual. I've never heard of this combination before but it absolutely worked.

Anyways, you live and learn hey.

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