Is this a business purchase Sir?

Have you noticed a lot more tech places are asking whether your purchase is for business use…? Be wary of this.

I've noticed recently that whether online or in real stores like PCWorld/Currys, I'm being asked a lot more whether my purchase is for business use or not.

"Is this a business purchase, Sir?".

They laughably refer to 'giving you a VAT receipt' which of course you should be entitled to anyway.

The cynic in me thinks there is only one possible reason this is happening more and more - to get out of
consumer protection laws - distance selling rights for example. Here's the thing - if you say it's a business purchase very few of these rights then apply. How crafty is that?

Anyway, here's the point - if you ever get asked if it's a business purchase
always say no. You'll retain far better consumer rights, and lose nothing in the process.

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