Extending Windows Evaluation Time

You can get evaluation copies of Windows Server that last for 180 days - great for labs and testing. What happens if you need it beyond those 180 days though? Well, you can extend those trials up six times - so nearly 3 years in total. Of course you can't use them for live services under the licensing terms, but it's still useful to have.

So, how do you do it? Well, it's pretty easy. Firstly, if you want to see the status of your trial license you can use this command from an elevated command prompt:

Slmgr -dlv

This will display something similar to the below:


You can also use the command 'Slmgr -dli' - this will show your license state but with slightly less information.

So how do you extend the trial? Easy, use this command:

Slmgr -rearm

Ta daaaa
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